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The Kicked Out anthology has captured the hearts of people around the world. Our press coverage has included:

the November episode of ‘In The Life’ is focused on  queer youth homelessness, and includes interviews with Sassafras Lowrey  talking about hir story and the history behind the Kicked Out anthology! We are featured alongside  community leaders from fantastic organizations and homeless LGBTQ youth from around the country!   The episode  aired on PBS stations across the country, and can be streamed online here


Homeless Queer Youth Building Family: a Kicked Out roundtable


A Dangerous Service Model For Homeless LGBTQ Youth


Queer Revolution: It Does Get Better – but it Ain’t Gonna Be Easy


Edge Los Angeles just published a great review of Kicked Out!

“Finally, especially now that the American Library Association has taken notice, kicked-out queer kids can find the guidebook that Sassafras herself wished she’d had. With Kicked Out, Sassafras Lowrey has put together a gritty manifesto of hope that has been all too absent in the public discourse on youth and LGBTQ issues.”

you can read the full review here

the GLBTRT Newsletter which is a publication of the Gay, lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered Round Table of the American Library Association’s  Winter newsletter has been released and there is a wonderful article titled ‘Kid Stuff: About young readers for people who care” that mentions Kicked Out!  The article says”

“When adding titles to the purchasing list, I highly recommend two books that vividly illustrate the pain suffered by young people in identifying an alternative gender identity. The first, Kicked Out, made me cry. The 25-year-old editor, Sassafras Lowrey, has collected the voices of current homeless LGBTQ youth (currently comprising 40% of all our country‘s homeless youth) and older people who share their stories of survival and abuse after identifying their gender identity with parents. Tales of power gained from the struggles of finding families blend with journeys through the pain of physical and emotional rejection that leads to attempted suicide, prostitution, drugs, and deadly diseases. The impact of reading these narratives cannot be described; the book must be experienced. I thank Homofactus Press for publishing Kicked Out.”

you can see the full article here

Detroit’s Between The Lines covered Sassafras’ events with the ACLU of Michigan and the Ruth Ellis Center here as well as doing a one on one interview about the state of LGBTQ youth homelessness and the Kicked Out anthology which can be found here

Mattilda interviews Kicked Out editor Sassafras Lowrey about the epidemic of LGBTQ youth homelessness, the push for marriage equality and the importance of created families in queer culture.  to check out the full interview visit:

Kicked Out got a fantastic review in ‘Outlook Columbus’ this weekend!  Reviewer Richard Labonte called Kicked Out a “landmark anthology” and a “must-read” !

To check out the full review visit:

Queer Arts Now is a webseries showcasing queer artists co-hosted by Ks Stevens and Ashley Brockington who go on location to interview ongoing cultural artists and ongoing live cultural events. In this episode of Queer Arts Now they head to NYC’s Bluestockings bookstore to cover the Kicked Out reading!




Kicked Out received an excellent review on Lambda Literary’s website!  They called Kicked Out “a distinct, important book.”

Lambda Literary also covers Kicked Out in a feature article ‘Discarded Teens’

“This is a growing issue that has been ignored by our community, but at the end of the day these are our kids and if we don’t listen to their stories, if we don’t care for their basic needs, who will?”


Teen LGBTQ book reviewers at The Naughty Book Kitties reviewed and featured Kicked Out in two posts. The first a review and the second an interview with Kicked Out editor Sassafras Lowrey


Kicked Out receives a fantastic review in Portland Oregon’s Just Out newspaper

“With a passionate introduction by Matthew Shepard’s mother, Judy Shepard, Kicked Out promises transformative storytelling from the get go. And does it ever come through on that promise, which is quite fitting seeing as Lowrey is fueled by a philosophy that everyone has a story to tell, and everyone deserves the space to relate it. This compilation does just that, offering space for yesterday and today’s rejected queer youth to convey their powerful tales.”

“These individual narratives meld together to tell one gut-wrenching epic story, a story that many of us were and are afraid to hear. The book grabs the reader by the eyelids, forcing those of us who don’t know about the LGBT homeless youth epidemic to confront that fear by looking at it eye-to-eye. Quite simply, Kicked Out punches any apathy regarding the issue right out from under you.”


Samantha Stark of Dirty Hands New York was at the NYC release for Kicked Out and has just put up a fantastic article & video about the event.


Kicked Out: New York Release from Samantha Stark on Vimeo.


Kicked Out received coverage on GLAAD’s blog. Please click the above image to check out the full post.

“GLAAD is happy to be helping Sassafras pitch her book to mainstream media outlets in hope of bringing these stories into more homes across the country.

We will keep you informed about the progress of this vitally important anthology.  We urge all GLAAD supporters to pick up a copy.”


Kicked Out received a fantastic review on the Trans Enough website! click the above image to check out the full review.

“It is important for the LGBTQ communities to face reality about our youth and begin taking steps to support and build families for these youth whose only offense was living authentically.”


Kicked Out received a fantastic review on the Trans Parental website! click the above image to check out the full review.

“The real strength of Kicked Out is how, by telling survivors’ stories in their own voices, the stories feel viscerally real. The contributions all feel very soul-baring and Truthful-with-a-capital-T, particularly the incredible photos by Samantha Box. One photo in particular captures two people embracing, one kissing the other’s shoulder, that wordlessly speaks volumes.”


Last night editor Sassafras Lowrey along with four Kicked Out contributors (Tommi, Ksen, Tenzin, and Jenn) were interviewed on Portland Oregon’s KBOO radio for the Out Loud show. Out Loud is KBOO’s queer culture show, celebrating & serving the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning & allied communities. We feature local musical talent, interviews with local and national community groups, authors, and really anyone from the queer community. We strive to give voice to those not heard in the main stream media.

The show streamed live on the interent, but for those of you who were unable to tune in, the entire show as well as extended interviews with Ksen, Tenzin, and Tommi are available for free Mp3 download from the Out Loud webpage!

Direct Links to the full broadcast & full interviews with contributors:

Out Loud Radio Broadcast on Kicked Out: stories of homeless LGBTQ youth.

Femme Liberation reviews Kicked Out!


“You all need to know this stuff.  It’s an advantage that it is put together beautifully.  This more than any Prop 8 rally should serve as a reminder of the work we have to do in our community to reach out to and take care of our youth.”

Curve Magazine’s 2009 Holiday Gift Guide!



November 19, 2009

Editor Sassafras Lowrey was asked by the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) to be a guest blogger during their week of posts about Transgender Day of Remembrance.  The blog is all about the epidemic of homelessness amongst trangender & gender non-conforming youth.



October 29, 2009

Kicked Out editor Sassafras Lowrey sits down with the great folks at Campus Pride to talk about the epidemic of LGBTQ youth homelessness, hir own experiences of being kicked out as a teenager, and what students and community members can do to end the epidemic.


CIVILesbianIZATION :: Caring for the Next Generation
by Julie R. Enszer
EDGE Contributor
Wednesday Jan 14, 2009

National Gay News


2009: A Sneak Peek at the Trans Year to Come





JOY 94.9 Australia’s first gay and lesbian radio station invited editor Sassafras Lowrey to speak about the epidemic of queer youth homelessness, and the message behind the Kicked Out anthology

The interview can be found here:


Kicked Out contributor Kay Barrett is spotlighted in VenusZine

zinecore radio


May 2008 Zinecore Radio Show interviewed editor Sassafras Lowrey about hir history as a zinester hir transition to author author and about the Kicked Out anthology, and hir collection of short stories GSA to Marriage: Stories of a Life Lived Queerly (Homofactus Press 2010)


Sassafras was invited to be one of the speakers at the 2008 Day of Silence/Vigil for Lawrence King at the Christopher Street Park in NYC. Ze spoke about how Lawrence lived in foster care, and how his death must be seen as a call to action for community leaders to combat the epidemic of queer youth homelessness.

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